Short Memo: Inclusive Project Process in Choam Chao

Short Memo: Inclusive Project Process in Choam Chao


On January 20, 2012 - the Sangkat Choam Chao task force came together to discuss further steps regarding their replication process.

The meeting which took place in the Sangkat Choam Chao of Cambodia can really be described as people's participation approach. The task of the group was to discuss the next steps of the project implementation as well as the challenges on the way ahead. The more than thirty participants present during the meeting were led by Mr. Soth Sath - Chief of the Sangkat Choam Chao. Stakeholders were the Sangkat Councilors, Khan Officials, Phom Penh Capital City Officials, General Department of Administration, Ministry of Interior officials, land owners, market operators, street vendors, DELGOSEA project staffs in Cambodia.

This come-together of various stakeholders shows the support and the ownership of the replication of the DELGOSEA best practice project of 'Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors'.

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