Short Memo: Mobilizing Stakeholders for the Constructed Wetland in Alaminos

Short Memo: Mobilizing Stakeholders for the Constructed Wetland in Alaminos


After signing the MOA with the owner of the private land where the wetland will be constructed, the city government started filling the CW site with soil, boulders and stone while waiting for the approval of the detailed engineering design. To complement the construction of the CW as indicated in the transfer concept plan, the city government conducted a workshop, facilitated by DELGOSEA coaches, attended by representatives of civil society organizations and business establishments on 23 May 2012 at the City Hall’s Conference Room.

Mr. Manuel Hernaez, Chair of Social Marketing Committee and Asst. Project Coordinator, discussed the objectives of constructed wetland, DELGOSEA replication project based on the Udon Thani (Thailand) best practice, as follows: (a) Treat all wastewater for re-use or release, prior to its entry to all water bodies and the Alaminos River;  (b) Apply a natural, low-cost, low maintenance and efficient waste-water treatment (approximate 3000 cum/day) using the technology of free-surface flow constructed wetland;  (c) Create a nature park using indigenous materials and available endemic wetland flora  to support a sound replica of a natural wetlands; and (d) Create  an environment park as venue for all environment best practices , recreation , food production and scientific studies.  Then he presented the proposed design of constructed wetland and the site development plan.  Various kinds of plants and grasses will be planted in each pond that will serve as area for organic matter reduction in pond 1, nitrification in pond 2 and de-nitrification in pond 3. In addition, mosquito repellants like eucalyptus tree, nymph tree, etc. will be planed around the CW.

Most of the 19 community stakeholders representing NGOs in the locality, faith-based organizations, market vendors associations, tricycle drivers and operators associations, Hundred Islands Cycling Club, and the local broadcast station of the Parish of Alaminos City were surprised to learn about the CW as an inexpensive natural way of treating polluted water.  They also realized that many of the plants that they have taken for granted can be very useful in to clean water the natural way.  They also suggested that city government should ensure the safety/ security of people going to the wetland park, cleanliness and other maintenance issues, no entrance fee, etc.

At the end of workshop, the participants signed a pledge of commitment to strongly support the DELGOSEA constructed wetland project of the city government.  Some of the activities that the participants promised to undertake are information and dissemination campaign, encourage my members to attend and join the mass planting project, support the collection, tagging and propagation of wetland plant species, encourage our members and families to propagate this plants in our homes and many more.

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