Short Memo: Training Course in Hung Dung Schools, Vinh City

Short Memo: Training Course in Hung Dung Schools, Vinh City

Viet Nam

After the success of a training course in August 2011 for two schools in Hung Dung ward, a training course was organized on December 24th, 2011. 54 participants, including leaders, teachers, parent association members and the mass organizations of Hung Dung 2 school participated in this training.

The main objective of the training was to provide local stakeholders with necessary skills in replicating the Best Practice on “eco saver system” of Marikina, the Philippines. A decisive factor is to encourage pupils to collect recyclable waste, contribute to reduce waste and improve people’s awareness on protecting the environment, and the ecology. The event aimed to raise people’s awareness, mobilize their participation in project activities and to strengthen the project sustainability in Vinh city.

Since September 2011, three schools in Hung Dung ward, Vinh city have been organizing eco days On a regular basis, the two primary schools Hung Dung 1 and Hung Dung 2 as well as the secondary school Hung Dung proudly hosted these events. Both, the school teachers and pupils, are well aware of the project’s significance and actively joined the project activities.  Though the time is not long, the amount of waste collected has been remarkable. Each school contracted a junk shop and organized the transfer of waste right on the eco day.

 In an interview with the principal of Hung Dung secondary school, Mr Cao Anh Nga shared: “Since the start of this project, our school has been more clean. The pupils have been aware of picking up waste in the school yards and do not throw waste into the yard any more. The waste collection has brought about many positive benefits. So there is no reason for us to stop this work. It is not a short term task of one or two days, but should become a regular duty of the school.”

The money collected by each class is managed by either the chief teacher or the parent association. It is used to buy study supplies or to organize field trip for the pupils. Those pupils who have made good efforts are going to be acknowledged and awarded at the mid term closing ceremony. 

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