The Quest for Simplicity: Lan Son City’s Innovative Model to Improve Administrative Services

The Quest for Simplicity: Lan Son City’s Innovative Model to Improve Administrative Services

Viet Nam

19 - 22 July 2011. An 11-member strong delegation from Yala City was curious to see what the best practice example which they had decided to replicate looked like in real life – they were not disappointed by the excellent program that awaited them in Lan Son, Vietnam.

The officials from Yala City who were accompanied by the local coach and the DELGOSEA coordinator for Thailand had chosen Lang Son City because the idea of improving administrative services and people’s participation greatly appealed to them. Their hosts had managed to develop a “One Stop Shop Reception and Return Department” (OSSRRD), substantially simplifying administrative procedures while at the same time strengthening administrative and institutional structures, using information technology to implement these administrative innovations.

The delegation was delighted to get the chance to study their best practice model from nearby, paying close attention to how the OSSRRD is set up and functioning. As the name suggests, the system is combining different administrative agencies into one integrated counter, offering services such as business and land registration, permits for housing and construction as well as the transfer of rights of houses and land use in a convenient and transparent manner. It was not difficult to convince the visitors that the OSSRRD, especially connected with the IT-system used, had much improved public services, and they were impressed to hear in their talks with city officials how the scheme had reduced both lengthy administrative processes and corruption.

One of the many insights the guests took home with them was that the selection of the right service-minded staff was one of the vital elements for the success of the project, as well as a close and good communication between the different government departments and agencies involved. The group very much appreciated the enthusiastic welcome they received from their Vietnamese counterparts and are keen to continue the cooperation throughout the whole replication process.