What’s Planned in Cambodia – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013

What’s Planned in Cambodia – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013


As part of a new series, looking at the development of the different pilot cities after the end of the DELGOSEA project, we are asking this month: What do the two Cambodian cities, Choam Chao and Kampot have planned for 2013?

Choam Chao had chosen a project from Indonesia as a best practice example. The successful relocation of street vendors into a disused market area in Solo, which led to the revitalisation of the old market, inspired Choam Chao to make their own old market more attractive to locals and tourists alike while at the same time solving the problem of unregulated street vendors. The former DELGOSEA coach, Kong Chanthan, who is still following the progress of the city reported that the project continued to make good progress. By January 2013 the construction of the covered sewage system as well as a new road on the side of the market had been completed. This meant that 150 former street vendors could be relocated into the refurbished market hall – the market is now functioning and open for business!

Construction work has begun on a new market hall right next to the existing market, which will offer space for vendors on four stories – a move that would transform the life of street vendors and shoppers alike. The new market is due to be finished and ready for relocation by the end of 2013. The Sangkat Choam Chao, however, is planning even further ahead and is starting on the groundwork for an open market space nearby.

In Kampot, the Eco-savers scheme that this coastal community replicated from the Philippines is going strong with continued support from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The 18 schools that are participating in the original project are continuing their collection of recyclable materials and more are coming on board. Seven other districts have shown an interest in replicating this simple solution to encouraging environmental awareness in school children – Kampot is fast becoming a best practice city!

Through various workshops and consultation meetings with stakeholders from Kampot province and further afield, more options for environmentally good practices and recycling are being explored. There are also moves to support initiatives that produce goods from the materials gathered by the students. It is a holistic approach to solid waste management that has proven very successful so far!

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