Danang City, Vietnam


Danang at a Glance:

Danang, a historic coastal city in central Vietnam took their inspiration from Phuket in Thailand – a town that has been very successful in preserving its architectural heritage and reviving traditions as tourist attractions and engine of economic growth.

After extensive research into the needs of and consultations with all stakeholders concerned, the task force in Danang is currently busy with planning the first pilot activities to draw attention to the town centre as an attractive place for visitors. A street music festival is planned on the main street accompanied by some mobile commercial activities. A return visit from Phuket, where a delegation from Danang had travelled last year, has just provided much appreciated expertise on how to progress and which activities to concentrate on.

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): Danang City
Type of Local Government: Municipality (directly managed by the Central Government)
Country: Vietnam
State: Danang City
Name of Mayor: TRAN,  Van Minh
Number of registered inhabitants: 887,100
Website: www.danang.gov.vn
Thematic Area: Fiscal management and investment promotion strategies
Replication of Best Practice BP no 14: Old Phuket Town

Replication of Best Practice 15

(Thematic Area 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning)

"Preserving Old Town Architecture and Reviving Traditions as Tourist Attraction and Economic Driver", Phuket City, Thailand

Danang Documents

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