Misamis Oriental (ManLuNa and BinKiSu), Philippines

Misamis Oriental at a Glance:

In the Philippine province of Misamis Oriental, two clusters of municipalities decided to replicate a best practice example from Phuket, Thailand. Both ManLuNa (Manticao–Lugait–Naawan) and BinKiSu (Binuangan–Kinoguitan–Sugbongcogon) felt that Phuket’s model of attracting tourists to the city by preserving the architectural heritage of the old town centre and reviving ancient traditions was just what their areas needed.

Since both of these clusters consist more of rural areas and fishing villages than large towns, the clusters decided to modify the example of Phuket by focusing on the encouragement of eco-tourism as engine for growth and development. Following a very informative study tour to Phuket in 2011, as well as extensive consultations with and capacity building for all the stakeholders, the municipalities have now identified sites that are historically significant, as well as the cultural and historic activities they will concentrate on. Merging these with the concept of eco-tourism makes this an exciting and innovative project that is clearly on track to fulfil its objectives.

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): MANLUNA (Manticao–Lugait–Naawan) and BINKISU (Binuangan–Kinoguitan–Sugbongcogon) Clusters
Type of Local Government: Municipality
Country: Philippines
State/ province: Misamis Oriental
Name of Local Chief Executive:

Hon. Roberto M. Lagrosas - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Manticao
Hon. Willie G. Lim - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Lugait   
Hon. Jaime C. Roa - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Naawan

Hon. Tomas R. Gumahin - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Binuangan
Hon. Danilo A. Lagbas, Jr. - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Kinoguitan
Hon. Jerome P. Lagbas - Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Sugbongcogon

Number of registered inhabitants: MANLUNA has a population of 60,294 while BINKISU has a population of 26,647 or a combined population of 86,941 (2007 National Census)

Replication of Best Practice Preserving Old Town Architecture and Reviving Traditions as Tourist Attraction and Economic Driver Phuket City, Thailand

Replication of Best Practice 15

(Thematic Area 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning)

"Preserving Old Town Architecture and Reviving Traditions as Tourist Attraction and Economic Driver", Phuket City, Thailand

Misamis Oriental Documents

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