Pakkret Municipality, Thailand

Pakkret at a Glance:

Pakkret is replicating a successful project carried out by Solo on the Indonesian island of Java, which targeted the problem of unregulated street vendors and the decay of traditional markets. One of the effects of relocating street vendors to old and underused markets was an increase in the tourism potential of Solo as the old market area became much more attractive than it used to be. It was particularly this aspect of the best practice that interested the local government in Pakkret, which is hoping to revitalise the towns old waterfront into an atmospheric and vibrant market area that would attract visitors to the town.

The city, which is only 20 km away from Bangkok and situated at a river, was badly affected by the flooding in late 2011, which led to a slight delay in the replication of the best practice. By now, however, Pakkret is catching up, conflicts of interest between the owners of shop houses in the market and local vendors are being resolved, and all involved came together recently for a big communal clean-up of the old market area. Through capacity building workshops and a visit to Phuket, where the old town of Phuket was successfully revitalised, the task force received further inspiration on how to shape their new market and make the area attractive for tourists. It’s time for the actual building work to begin!

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): Pakkret 
Type of Local Government: Municipality
Country: Thailand
State/ province: Pakkret  District, Nonthaburi Province
Name of Mayor: Mr. Vichai  Bandasak
Number of registered inhabitants: 178,797
Thematic Area: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning
Replication of Best Practice: Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors

Replication of Best Practice 14

(Thematic Area 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning)

"Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors", Solo, Indonesia

Pakkret Documents

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Name: Phetcharada  Vechsri
Phone: +66.81.3416754,
+662.960.9704 ext. 601
Fax: +66.2.9609704  ext. 611


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