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Pangkal Pinang, the largest town on the small Indonesia island of Bangka, has selected an appropriate project for a coastal fishing community: the mariculture enterprise from Tubigon on the Philippine island of Bohol, which combines coastal management with fish farming. The idea behind this enterprise is to use fish cages to put an end to illegal fishing and plant a mangrove forest to protect the marine environment. The local government of Pangkal Pinang had been particularly impressed by the excellent mangrove management and felt that the fish breeder diversification scheme was of particular relevance to the local fishermen in Pangkal Pinang. The city has made progress in their replication process: the law section of the planning agency is ready to submit the final draft of the Sea Zone Local Regulation to the council (a vital legal step) and the fishermen are receiving cool boxes as well as information and assistance on how to use them.The first mangrove seeds are growing into trees – not much longer before the forest will exist.

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): Pangkal Pinang
Type of Local Government: Municipality
Country: Indonesia
State/ province: BANGKA BELITUNG
Name of Mayor: Zulkarnain Karim
Number of registered inhabitants: 156.982 (2008)




Replication of Best Practice: Tubigon Mariculture Project
Thematic Area: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning

Replication of Best Practice 16

(Thematic Area 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning)

 "Tubigon Mariculture Project", Tubigon, Philippines

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