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Tra Vinh at a Glance:

The best practice replicated by Tra Vinh comes from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and focuses on introducing e-government to the city in an effort to improve the efficiency of local government and to make routine administrative processes more user-friendly. Since the beginning of the project, the city's website has been upgraded to such an extent that it now features more than 200 new procedures as well as forms and documents to download, to facilitate, for example, land management procedures. This has proved very popular with the public who is now also receiving news and updates from the local council via its website.

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): Tra Vinh city
Type of Local Government: Municipality
Country: Vietnam
State: Tra Vinh Province
Name of Mayor: Nguyen Thanh Tam
Number of registered inhabitants: 130,000
Thematic Area: Institutional Governance: transparency, efficiency
Replication of Best Practice BP1  Jogjakarta E-Government

Replication of Best Practice 4

(Thematic Area 2: Institutional governance)

"E-Government as the Breakthrough to Enhance Government Performance and Services", Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Tra Vinh Documents

  • You want to learn more? Find the short and extended versions of the transfer concept as well as other pilot city documents here.

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Name: Nam Bui Trung
Phone: +84.743.858038
Fax: +84.743.858261


Download Logbook: January 2011 - August 2012