Activity 11: First Phase Monitoring and Consulting of Pilot Cities during Best Practice Replication

Status: Finalised; Month: May-September 2011

From May until September 2011 the DELGOSEA coaches and experts focused on consulting the pilot cities in taking the first steps after the approval of transfer concepts. Specific consultation has been provided in gathering the training demands of local stakeholders, community involvement, identifying of strategic partners, gathering of baseline data, setting up local taskforces and clarifying communication as well as decision-making powers. It was a demand-driven process in which the national coordination team has also been strongly involved in. Visits to the pilot cities took place almost every month; followed by extensive email and telephone exchanges. The project has been reporting on the progress by the “reports from the national coordinators” which are being published monthly on the DELGOSEA website as well as with the pilot cities “logbooks” providing an overview of the ongoing activities in the cities.

Parallel to the consulting work, preparations for project monitoring started by setting up proper monitoring tools from July onwards. Based on the action plans being developed during the transfer concept, the logical frameworks have been further defined by the local coaches in closed cooperation with the pilot cities. Parallel to this working procedure, an external expert has been contracted to develop monitoring and reporting templates to be used during the monitoring visits, as standard instrument of the DELGOSEA project. Pilot cities have been contacted beforehand and asked if they already follow a certain monitoring system. If this was not the case, DELGOSEA monitoring tools have been used. The monitoring reports contain two parts. Part I being the narrative part; part II is a matrix mirroring the logical framework but allowing for measuring of timeframes, responsibilities as well as budgets.

To ensure the smooth running of the monitoring visits, special one-day training on project monitoring has been provided to the DELGOSEA coaches and key experts immediately after the midterm conference in September 2011.