Activity 12: Exchange Visits Between Pilot Cities and Best Practice Cities

Status: Finalised; Month: May 2011-March 2012

Brief Description

The exchange program was the first time the pilot cities have been able to visit the host of the best practice they selected. The visit aimed at optimizing the transfer process and strengthening the relations between the host and pilot cities. On average, the pilot cities representatives spent three days in the host city. The program involved political meetings as well as gaining further information on the project itself. As it appeared during the lifetime of the project, the study visits can be seen as the main capacity building activity for the pilot cities. After coming back to their home city, many cities reviewed and adapted the transfer concepts with new insights they got during the visit. Some pilot cities requested specific expert advice from the best practice city after the visit. Experts have been sent to the pilot cities for further consultation.


The following exchange visits took place:

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