Activity 14: Drafting Suggestions for Political Dialogue/ Providing Policy Recommendations

Status: Finalised; Month: June 2011-August 2012

Brief Description

This activity aimed at developing policy recommendations for better political frameworks on democratic local governance on national as well as regional level for Southeast Asia based on concrete experiences made during the implementation of good local governance projects by the 16 pilot cities.

 1. Developing policy recommendations for Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam (national level):

After the first months of best practice replication each country gathered their first experiences and challenges implementing local governance projects. Together with the DELGOSEA country team and the coaches, the pilot cities identified those obstacles related to their political and legal frameworks. Based on the different experiences, first national policy recommendations were drafted and presented during the DELGOSEA midterm conference in Batam, Indonesia, in September 2011.

After the midterm conference, the draft papers were further defined taking into account the comments made by the Government Officials, Local Government Associations, and experts during the midterm conference as well as further experiences from the pilot cities.

Between March and May 2012 five national workshops were organised with selected stakeholders to agree on the final policy recommendations and a concrete advocacy plan in each country. The workshops were strongly supported by the partner networks (see strategic partners – activity 5) existing in each country. The aims of the national workshops were:

  • Finalise the draft policy recommendations;
  • Think of concrete steps on how to advocate;
  • Share ideas on a sustainability strategy to ensure the further continuation of DELGOSEA activities after the funding period of the European Union has ended.

During the coming month, the Local Government Associations will be the key drivers to actively advocate for their policy plans in their respective countries. Concrete advocacy activities have been outlined in the policy recommendations and integrated into the work plans of the LGAs for 2013.

2. Developing regional policy recommendations for a stronger integration of democratic local governance into ASEAN policies:

The national policy recommendations also served as input for the regional policy recommendations that targeted a better representation of local governments and issues related to democratic local governance with ASEAN. In addition to the midterm conference in September 2011, the regional policy recommendations were presented and discussed with state representatives from the different national governments in SEA, and representatives from the European Union and the ASEAN Secretariat during the regional conference in Phnom Penh in May 2012 as well as during the final DELGOSEA conference in August 2012. These conferences contributed to achieve consensus among stakeholders to solicit the national governments, the ASEAN and international institutions for adopting particular propositions on good local governance development agendas through a multi-stakeholder approach. It was agreed that UCLG ASPAC in its function would be the main responsible body when it comes to liaising with the ASEAN secretariat on behalf of the DELGOSEA network for elaborating options on how to further integrate democratic local governance into ASEAN. The coming months will show which of the presented options during the final conference will come into force.

Results of this activity:

  • 5 national policy recommendations, with integrated advocacy plans, clearly reflecting the needs of pilot cities for Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam;
  • 1 paper presenting the regional policy recommendations targeting better regional frameworks within ASEAN;
  • Advocacy activities have been integrated into the workplans for 2013 of the different LGAs as the key drivers to promote democratic local governance also beyond the funding period of the European Union;
  • National as well as regional policy recommendations have been extensively discussed with the different national Ministries as well as with the ASEAN secretariat;

Download the policy recommendations (national/regional) here.