Activity 3: Basic Research for Identification of Best Practices and Preparation of Pilot Cities Selection

Status: Finalised; Month: April - June 2010 (prolongation for 1 month)

Brief Description

  • Getting an overview of suitable best practice models in the four thematic areas on local governance in the five participating countries;
  • Fine tuning selection criteria for the selection of best practice models;
  • Working out short descriptions on suitable best practice models;
  • Doing a first pre-selection of pilot places interested in BP replication, based on pre-defined criteria. 


Pre-Selection of 27 suitable best practice examples throughout the region:

  • Five assessment studies and initial mappings on best practice models existing in the four thematic areas (Theme 1: People's Participation in planning and decision making on local level; Theme 2: Institutional Governance: transparency, efficiency, accountability, administrative procedures; Theme 3: Inclusive urban public services with focus on urban environment issues; Theme 4: Fiscal management and investment promotion strategies) in each country. The reports have been carried out in close cooperation with the 10 Local Government Associations involved in this project.
  • Based on the initial assessments, the definition of indicators for the final selection of best practices to be involved in the project. During the workshop in Hanoi, on 21st April 2010, the project partners agreed that the key criteria for BP selection should be the high transferability potential to other countries as well as the impact on the living conditions of the people. Overall, seven criteria for BP selection have been defined and been reported in the progress report.
  • Following the definition of indicators, further field visits to verify information on pre-selected best practices have taken place in each country.
  • Transnational exchange on pre-selected BPs: after the field visits a transnational exchange on pre-selected best practices has taken place between the partners in the five countries. Each country had to evaluate whether the proposed best practices fulfill the criteria of being transferable to their home country and prioritize the most interesting ones. 
  • Based on the results of the transnational exchange a final decision on 27 BPs to be proposed for the final conference in activity 4 was made (8 from Indonesia, 6 from Thailand, 6 from the Philippines, 4 from Vietnam, and 3 from Cambodia, out of which 5 BPs covering theme 1, 12 BPs theme 2, 5 BPs theme 3 and 5 BPs theme 4).
  • 27 short-descriptions (4pages each – based on common template) of proposed BPs as well as PowerPoint presentations, providing information on the content, results, the best practice place itself, methodology in the design and implementation as well as a short evaluation on the sustainability and the replication potential have been worked out.

Pre-Selection of 26 pilot local governments/municipalities:

In parallel to the selection of suitable best practice examples, a first overview of possible replication places has been elaborated. All together, the partners suggested 26 local governments/municipalities that fulfilled the selection criteria and are willing to participate in the BP replication in one of the four thematic areas.

Seven selection criteria have been defined. Hereby, it was commonly agreed that the commitment of local officials and a high leadership quality is one of the key criteria for the successful replication.

Thematic Areas

Selection Criteria

Assessment Studies