Activity 4: Dialogue on Research Results between National and International Experts, LGAs and the Project Team

Status: Finalised: Month: July - August 2010 (has been extended for two months due to extensive communication with pilot cities and LGAs; high demand of consultancy for the selection of best practices by pilot cities)

Brief Description

Activity 4 finalised the research and assessment phase of activity 3 by selecting the final pool of best practices as well as finalising cooperation agreements with pilot local governments/municipalities as replication places.


Final selection of 16 Best Practice Examples for Replication to other countries

During the workshop from 10th-12th June 2010 in Phnom Penh, the short descriptions of the 27 proposed best practices have been presented by the local government associations in cooperation with the National Coordinators. After the presentations each country had to decide which of the proposed best practices from the other countries, should be used for BP replication. Overall, the group had to select 16 best practices, covering the four thematic areas and all participating countries. The decision was made on majority vote.

Based on the final decision of the 16 best practices to be used for replication to other countries, a detailed description of each best practice has been worked out. The BP summaries, short descriptions as well as detailed decriptions have been printed and are available for download on the project website.


Final selection of 16 Pilot Places and Signature of MoUs

During the workshop in Phnom Penh also the first suggestions for suitable pilot local governments/municipalities have been presented. After the final decision on the 16 best practice examples, a further exchange with the pre-selected pilot places has taken place. In this regard, it has to be underlined that the replication of best practices to pilot places should take place on a transnational basis, transferring e.g. a best practice from Thailand to Vietnam. The project tried to avoid replication within a country.

Download of Best Practices (Long- and Shortversions)

Preparatory Documents

Presentation of Research of Suitable Best Practices