Overview of Activities

Activities - 1st March 2010 - 31st October 2012


July 2012| Policy recommendations have been worked out and published

Aug 2012| Publication of the documentation of the transfer process during BP replication

Aug 2012| Awards of Best Practices 


Feb 2011| Visibility activities have taken place: production of leaflets, banners, stickers; press briefings have taken place

Mar 2011| Availability of implementation plans in respective national languages

Jun 2011| Publication of best practices and training materials

Jun 2011| Launch of Social Media to increase DELGOSEA networks and visibility

Sep 2011| 16 study visits have been carried out

Sep 2011| Up to 120 civil servants, 200 repres. of CSOs, 200 political decision makers have been trained in pilot cities

Dec 2011| Monitoring reports have been produced showing the status of BP replication


Apr 2010| Signature of Partnership Contracts 

Apr 2010| Inception Report delivered to EC Delegation

Apr 2010| Memorandum of Understanding signed with 10 participating LGAs clearly demonstrating their role in the project.

Sep 2010| Documentation/publication of identified 16 best practices/success stories

Sep 2010| Working agreements with 16 pilot municipalities on the transfer of best practices signed.

Aug 2010| Launch of project website 

Nov 2010| Availability of curricula, guidelines and textbooks

Nov 2010| Up to 80 trainers from 10 LGAs have been capacitated and are ready to assist the pilot municipalities