Network News February 2014

The topics covered in this issue are:

1. Bangkok Conference – 5 Years ASEAN Charter

2. DELGOSEA Conference: Press Round-up

3. Core Members Meeting – Planning Ahead

4. Bridging the Gap between Local and National Level: The DELGOSEA Advisory Board

5. Coming Up: DELGOSEA Presence at Events in the Region

The News

1. Nearly 80 participants from 10 countries gathered in Bangkok on 15 and 16 January 2014 to discuss ASEAN as a value-based community.

2. The DELGOSEA conference that took place in Bangkok in January was not only well attended and thought provoking, but also attracted press coverage throughout the ASEAN region.

3. The DELGOSEA conference that took place in Bangkok in January 2014, proved a good opportunity for the core network members – representatives of LGAs and civil society networks in six ASEAN countries – to sit together and fine-tune the work programme for 2014 and beyond.

4. The DELGOSEA conference in Bangkok in January 2014 brought together representatives from both foreign and home ministries of several ASEAN countries – a wonderful occasion for a meeting to set up an Advisory Board for DELGOSEA.

5. The next few weeks will be busy for the DELGOSEA network with attendance at two regional events.