Network News 11/2011

The topics covered in this issue are:

  1. LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEA's Future
  2. Working on the Policy Level
  3. Lending a Hand - Knowledge Transfer in Practice
  4. DELGOSEA Midterm Conference Report
  5. Entering the Monitoring Phase

Dear colleagues, partners and friends of DELGOSEA,

The network news of the EU co-funded project Partnership for Democratic Local Governance (DELGOSEA) presents its November 2011 e-newsletter.

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The News

LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEA's Future

In its last project year, DELGOSEA is focusing on sustainability - how can the project results be preserved, who will continue with activities when the EU-funding comes to an end?

Working on the Policy Level

Successfully implementing best practices is one thing – to achieve changes on the policy level which would improve national legislation and administrative procedures in favour of good governance is quite another.

Lending a Hand - Knowledge Transfer in Practice

Developing partnerships was always part of the DELGOSEA master plan, but in some cases the relationship between best practice and pilot cities are developing in unexpected but delightful ways – a number of cities have struck up friendships and are mutually supporting each other, an unplanned but valuable side effect of the study tours that had taken place over the last six months. 

DELGOSEA Midterm Conference Report

The DELGOSEA midterm conference which had taken place on the Indonesian island of Batam from 26 - 28 September 2011, marked a defining moment for the project - the step from the capacity building to the replication and monitoring phase. The following summary of the conference results gives a useful overview of what has been achieved so far and what is planned for the future

Entering the Monitoring Phase

Now that the capacity building of the DELGOSEA pilot cities has been completed and all of the towns are deeply immersed in the replication of their best practice examples, the DELGOSEA project teams in the five countries will concentrate on monitoring the progress of the implementation. Is every city on the right track?


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