Project Results

At the end of two and a half years, the project shall have identified and replicated within the region 16 best practices of democratic local governance, specifically in the aspects of people’s participation, institutional governance, inclusive urban public services, and fiscal management.

Furthermore, the 11 local government associations of the five participating countries shall have been motivated and given improved capacity to assist member cities and municipalities.

Finally, a sustainable regional network of local authorities and non-state actors shall have been created in Southeast Asia with the following core members: the United Cities and Local Governments for Asia and Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) in Indonesia, the Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF) in the Philippines, the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) of Germany. The network’s interconnectivity will be monitored and maintained by UCLG-ASPAC.