Target Group & Final Beneficiaries

The projects’ activities address the requirements of different target groups at national, provincial, and local levels in each of the five countries:

1. Trainers and coaches from local government associations (LGAs)

Up to 80 experts from 11 participating LGAs in the five countries will improve their capacity to act as trainers and coaches for the pilot municipalities in the replication of the best-practice models.

2. Various decision-makers and stakeholders in the pilot cities/municipalities

The project will train up to 200 local decision-makers, 120 civil servants, 250 media representatives in selected pilot municipalities in the five countries. As the key stakeholders in the implementation of the best practice models at the local level, they will be given the capacity and the needed knowledge to fulfill their roles.

3. Representatives from national governments, the academe, and the media

A political dialogue at the national and transnational levels will accompany the implementation of best practices in the pilot municipalities. The project will tap representatives from national governments to provide recommendations and help improve the legal frameworks that are needed for the replication of the best practices. A network of academic experts and journalists will provide support in the drafting and publishing of policy recommendations in each country.

The final beneficiaries of this project are the people living in the pilot cities and municipalities who will benefit from improved local governance services upon the implementation of the replicated practices.