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LCP, The League of Cities, Philippines

Key Facts

Acronym: LCP, Philippines
Country: Philippines
Founded: 10/10/1991

Contact Person at LGA

Yvette Yap
Tel.: +63.470-6837
Fax: +63.470-7210

Description of LGA

The League of Cities of the Philippines is an organization of the cities created under Section 499 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines.
Its primary purpose is to ventilate, articulate and crystallize issues affecting city government administration, through proper and legal means.

LCP Vision:
An Empowered, Strong, United Brotherhood of Purpose-Driven Cities committed to serve its people with a deep sense of pride and value-laden commitment for progress and development 

LCP Mission: 
To enable Cities to stand as one, defend its rights, provide the best possible services, and pursue the common good for its constituents through its advocacies, capabilities, and networking

Currently, LCP has 122 city-members.

It offers member services which extend to administrative, policy development, advocacy and networking support for the fulfillment of its mission.  
LCP is also active in partnering with development partners such as World Bank, United Nations (UNDP and UNFPA) and other development partners for project implementation.