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MLT - Municipal League of Thailand

Key Facts

Acronym: MLT, Thailand
Country: Thailand
Founded: 07/03/1960

Contact Person at LGA

Worawut Sornmun
Tel.: +66.2.4485645
Fax: +66.2.4485645

Description of LGA

The Municipal League of Thailand (MLT) is a representative organization of 2,006 municipalities throughout Thailand. Our scope is to:

  • Promote cooperation and exchange between municipalities and others local administrative organization which are members of MLT, as well as external cooperation with community organizations, NGOs, and local authorities and associations in other countries;
  • Act as the representative organization of the municipalities all over the country by conducting political activities in cooperation with the government, the parliament, and political organizations at the national level on the matters related to issuance of policies, laws and regulations concerning decentralization and relations between the central government and local administrative organizations
  • Promote quality standards in public administration and management and improved public services of the municipalities;
  • Promote the development of local politic system of the municipalities.

Our activities include:

  • Research studies and dissemination of results on technical and judicial matters;
  • Exchange ideas and experiences among members and promote the unity between member organisations;
  • Support capacity building and welfare among municipal executives and officials;
  • Coordinate and rectify problems for the members and propose recommendations to the governmental organizations;
  • Cooperate with the international organizations to enhance the local administration;
  • Promote sports and recreation of the municipalities; and
  • Implement any activities to generate income to the MLT.