| News | LDA EU co-funded Project in Laos – one Year Update

LDA EU co-funded Project in Laos – one Year Update

LDA EU co-funded Project in Laos – one Year Update

Lao People's Democratic Republic

One year ago, the Learning for Development Association (LDA), DELGOSEA’s CSO member in Laos, started partnering with Oxfam Novib and four other CSOs to implement a EU-cofunded project on Capacity Development for Citizen-led Inclusive Development (CD-CID) – has the first year been a success?

The 3-year project focuses on the cooperation between local authorities, communities, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to improve service delivery in selected provinces in Laos. The country lacked a coherent strategy for including citizens in all the planning stages for local development and service delivery which has lead to planning errors and mismanagement. The current project will enhance technical, operational and management capacities of NSAs in Laos with the aim of improving communication, transparency and inclusiveness on the local level.

The activities in the first project year concentrated initially on formalising the cooperation between the different project partners which included Oxfam Novib, CORD, The Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC           ) and Maeying Houamjai Pathana (MHP), the Women Participating in Development Association. In the second half of the project year, curricula for training workshops were developed, covering topics such as communication, advocacy, negotiation techniques and conflict resolution. 19 Development Facilitators from NSA/CSOs and LAs from targeted provinces received this training which will help them greatly in their cooperation and future communication.

The Learning for Development Association (LDA) is concentrating particularly on the aspect of learning from good practices, both from within Laos and abroad. During the first project year survey forms for for good practice and identifying champions were formulated both in English and Lao. These were sent out to 5 CSOs for feedback to receive as much information as possible on good practices from NPAs, both in Laos and Southeast Asia. LDA also introduced their roles on CD-CID project during the DELGOSEA meeting in Manila in August 2015. LDA was also involved in the partner’s implantation modules as an observer to collect and document the learning process.

For more information on the project, take a look at the project video and the newsletter attached (newsletter in Lao only).