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Short Memo: WASH the Canal

Short Memo: WASH the Canal


As part of the Wakatobi Clean Movement (GO WASH), Forum Kompos initiated a waste collection in Mola Village. It involved the constituents of the village to clean the canal from waste and garbage.

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FORUM KOMPOS (Compost Forum) is a group established by the local government to support the Clean Wakatobi program, as part of the Muangklang Best Practice replication. It is compromised of 60 members in Wangi-Wangi and 90 persons in the Southern Wangi-Wangi. So far the Compost Forum only exists in those two sub regencies. More Compost Fora will be established in a few sub regencies soon.
The forum members come from diverse backgrounds such as teachers, housewives, religious leaders, community leaders, ethnic leaders. It is important to disseminate the program to all levels of the community and to reach out to people living in remote areas.
The job of the members is to build public awareness on the importance of clean and healthy environment by teaching people about sanitation practices including composting of organic waste materials, teaching communities to how the recycle waste processing works and building community participation in supporting the government program.
The Inauguration of the Forum and the action plan of the Waste Management  Partner Community Forum (Compost Forum) took place in Wakatobi Regency (Wangi-Wangi  Sub Regency and South Wangi- Wangi Sub Regency) on the 15th and 16th  of May 2012 respectively.
Attendees of events were DELGOSEA represented by Mr.  Dendy Borman (ADKASI), the chairman of Wakatobi Women Group (spouse of  Head of Regency), Military Commander of Wakatobi Region, Wakatobi  government officials, members of the Compost Forum, and the  communities. Included in the agenda of both events were DELGOSEA  project overview presented by Mr. Dendy Borman, the Best Practice Low  Carbon City Muangklang presented by Mr. Nadar (Wakatobi government  staff as well as DELGOSEA Local Coach), and discussion of the Compost  Forum work plan. For additional information that to support the waste  management program, the Wakatobi Government is in the final stage of  drafting the Village Regulation about waste management.

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