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Thai DELGOSEA Members Spread the Word

Thai DELGOSEA Members Spread the Word


Two workshops, taking place in Indonesia and Bangladesh, were a good opportunity for representatives of the Thai pilot cities as well as former DELGOSEA staff members to present the DELGOSEA experience to a wider audience.

Ms Tharee Kamuang, the previous national coordinator for DELGOSEA in Thailand, had a busy month: together with representatives of Chiang Rai Municipality, she participated from 13 -15 August in a training workshop on ‘Managing the Social, Political, Environmental and Financial Risks of Urban Infrastructure’ in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chiang Rai, one of DELGOSEA’s original pilot cities, was proud to be selected to represent local governments in Thailand at this important meeting, which was organised by the Climate Leadership Academy on Urban Adaptation – a CityLinks Pilot Partnership between the US and ASEAN member states. Ms Kamuang, who is now the project manager of the Low Carbon City Project in Chiang Rai, took part in a panel discussion on ‘Regional, National and International Collaboration for Urban Adaptation’ and also presented DELGOSEA as an example of a regional platform for local governments to share experiences and learn from each other.

This was followed by a training course on ‘Strengthening the Capacity of City Officials for Urban Adaptation and Resilience’ held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 30th August until 5th September. This course, organised by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) of the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), aimed at strengthening the capacity of city officials who have been mandated to engage with adaptation and resilience in urban areas. It was particularly appropriated for local government employees in town and cities that have recently identified climate change adaptation as a priority, but that are still at early stages in the developing of their responses. The course provided participants with a sound understanding of the keys drivers and processes of climate change in urban areas. A total of 20 senior local government employees from least developed countries and international experts participated in the course, which gave Ms Kamuang the opportunity to discuss the importance of regional platforms such as DELGOSEA for knowledge exchange on all levels of local administrations. She was joined on this trip by Dr Tasanee Aikvanich, Director of Medical Department, Phuket City, one of DELGOSEA’s Thai coaches.

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