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Pilot Cities - Introduction

Pilot Local Governments / Municipalities – Transfer and implementing bodies of best practices

The project is working with 16 pilot local governments/municipalities (pilot cities) throughout the five countries. Pilot places have been proposed by the local government associations and are characterized by the following criteria:

  • Minimum of four years of performance and good track record in exercising local government functions (good governance principles).
  • A solid potential of human resources and adequate qualification and availability of staff.
  • Strong leadership quality of the mayor, senior local government officials, and their willingness to improve existing mechanisms and procedures for people’s participation.
  • Sufficient experience and competence in the thematic fields.
  • A clear commitment by local officials to become a pilot municipality--including commitment for financial contributions (e.g. can be given in the form of work, time and other efforts, or financially), if necessary.

Once pilot cities had been selected, the best-practice model from the “success” country has been translated into a “transfer concept,” reflecting the specific needs and circumstances of each pilot local government/municipality (pilot city). All 16 pilots received an extensive capacity-building program to facilitate the implementation of the best practices after the finalization of the transfer concept. During the implementation period, experts are currently monitoring the status of implementation and further consult the pilot municipalities in the replication process. Additional exchange visits between “success” places and pilot places might take place.

At the end of the project lifetime, awards for extraordinary efforts and results in the promotion of democratic local governance will be given to at least five participating pilot local governments/municipalities. A documentation of the transfer process will be published in English and local languages. 

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