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Vinh City At A Glance

For Vinh City in Central Vietnam the Eco-Savers from Marikina in the Philippines, proved inspirational: the town in Metro Manila was drawing on the cooperation with local schools to help collect recyclable waste. This was a clever solution for dealing with the problem of household waste and for encouraging environmental awareness in the younger generation. The project has taken off at full speed in Vinh City, with three schools taking part in a pilot scheme and all three managing to exceed their target for recycled waste. The monthly eco-days are well utilised and the second-hand shops in the city are happy to be on board. The project will soon be extended to involve more schools. The feedback from the community is very positive – in short: Vinh City’s replication is a success.

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): Vinh city
Type of Local Government: Municipality
Country: Vietnam
State: Nghe An Province
Name of Mayor: Hoang Dang Hao
Number of registered inhabitants: 295,000
Thematic Area: Inclusive urban public service with focus on urban Environmental
Replication of Best Practice P 15 Marikina

Replication of Best Practice 12

(Thematic Area 3: Inclusive urban public services)

"Marikina Eco Savers Project", Marikina City, Philippines

Vinh City Documents

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