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Choam Chao Sangkat, Cambodia


Choam Chao at a Glance:

Choam Chao is one of the cities that have chosen a project from Indonesia as a best practice example. The successful relocation of street vendors into a disused market area in Solo, which led to the revitalisation of the old market, inspired Choam Chao to make their own old market more attractive to locals and tourists alike while at the same time solving the problem of unregulated street vendors.

After a very informative and useful study tour to Solo in July 2011, the implementation of the activities is in full swing by now. The two coaches worked intensely with the task force and helped them in their talks with street vendors, landowners and village authorities to review progress and find solutions to obstacles. During a recent meeting, attended by all stakeholders, including market operators, street vendors, local residents, factory and landowners,an agreement was reached on how to best manage the relocation.All the formalities to extend the market by erecting a new building have been arranged by now, and the actual construction can begin!

Key Facts:

Name of Pilot City (Full-version): CHOAM CHAO Sangkat (Sangkat is an urban commune)
Type of Local Government: 4th Tier of Government
Country: Cambodia
State/Capital: Phnom Penh
Name of Mayor: (Mr) Soth Sath (Sangkat Council Chief and also Sangkat Chief)
Number of registered inhabitants: 69,100

Thematic Area: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning
Replication of Best Practice: Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors

Replication of Best Practice 14

(Thematic Area 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning)

"Peoples’ Oriented Approach in Rearranging Traditional Market and Street Vendors for a More Livable City", Solo, Indonesia (Humane Relocation and Empowerment of Street Vendors)

Choam Chao Documents

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Name: Mr. Hot Heng
Position: Sangkat Clerk
Phone: +855.12.714762


Download Logbook: January 2011 - July 2012